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At Voyage, our mission is to empower individuals and to build a community of leaders passionate about making a positive impact in their organizations and beyond.

We achieve this through leadership development workshops, group mentoring, and one-on-one coaching.


Darlene Blanco, President & CEO

Margarita Estrada, Chief Operating Officer

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"She is very good at prioritizing things and being organized. I think she is amazing with her interpersonal and relationship building skills. I think she is a great influence on what you should do whenever you are stuck or you just need to see another way. She is a great person to work with at projects, being a mentor, advisor and connector."

Diana Toderic

"Thank you for going above and beyond!  It's incredible how thorough your work is!"

Michael Kotz

"Darlene is such a good listener to her students as well as working with us at W!se. She is incredibly open to helping and is truly a valued part of our organization. Darlene makes time to make sure that she carries out her commitments at the highest level."

Kristy Nguyen

"Always remaining positive, being flexible with the various date changes, not losing motivation. When suggestions were offered, she listened and reacted as appropriate to ensure the best result."

Anna Maria Pochtar Galakis

Does the "home-work" and prepares for tasks at hand hence is able to provide purpose, direction and responsibilities. Has a very good sense of determining priorities to the tasks at hand.

Hemant Vora

Darlene is such an amazing, hard-working individual. She always gives 101% to whatever she is doing with an amazing smile and exuberant energy. 

Darlene brings to life and my memory a quote by Steve Jobs: "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition."

Eula Beckford

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