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Darlene Blanco, DTM, M.A.
Executive Leadership

Committed to Excellence

Darlene is the Founder of Voyage Consulting & Business Solutions LLC. An executive leader with an energetic creative edge, Darlene enjoys provoking a discovery driven mindset helping others develop strategy, think innovatively and bring new revenue-generating concepts to life. She is known for her work in designing marketing and sales force engagement campaigns, curating customized training curriculums, and training leading sales teams.

During her 20+ year corporate career in the financial services industry, she oversaw strategic and tactical business planning for executive leaders and managed third-party relationships with plan service providers.  She formed key relationships with school administrators and built customized curriculums for assemblies and workshops focused on financial literacy and college and career readiness. She developed and led the executive initiative to create the “Internship Experience” corporate model bringing high schoolers exposure to the corporate setting.

Darlene is frequently recognized for her volunteer efforts to strengthen local communities by bringing career readiness and leadership workshops to students, professionals, and businesses. She enjoys sharing her voyage with others by serving as a career coach, mentor, and inspirational speaker.  Over time, Darlene’s passion led to assembling a core team of advisors, the Voyage Education Services Team, dedicated to helping individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs build innovation and define metrics for success.

Darlene holds a Master of Arts in Executive Leadership from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications from Baruch College. She enjoys spending time with her family, running, salsa dancing, and loves animals.

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Community Engagement & Volunteerism

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A dedication to my beloved father, Wilfredo Valdes.

A part of the Puerto Rican Great Migration...

From a shoeless boy raised “en el campo”, he traveled to Brooklyn, New York to surround himself with opportunities to overcome the barriers of poverty. He wasn’t perfect by any means but taught me valuable lessons.

In 1998 my corporate career was about to begin. It was my graduation from Grace’s business skills program, my key to joining the business world in my first corporate role as an Administrative Assistant at Salomon Smith Barney.  My father said to you me, “you can do anything honey” and I’ll never forget how he beamed in the audience with pride as I delivered the first inspirational speech of my career as the class valedictorian.

It was the start of my Voyage...we all go at our own pace and make our own paths through life, and I am grateful for the support of family, friends, mentors and colleagues, but the truth is it all starts within YOU.

Rest in peace, Dad.  A man of many talents, I'll never forget your words of wisdom...

Be your number one fan!

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